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We began to place these suggestions for further reading on the web site in Spring 2000, adapting 'reading lists' used in the University of Oxford for undergraduates in Classical Archaeology. Most of the publications are in English and many can be found easily in libraries and bookshops.

Placing the lists on the web site and providing an email address for suggestions ( offers the possibility of enlarging and enhancing them for the benefit of students worldwide. Graduate research students, and senior scholars, would benefit from information which you might be able to provide about academic publications (book, journal, catalogue, etc.).

Bibliographies are presented in the categories that correspond to the major types of material on the site, e.g., pottery, sculpture, gems, History of Collections, etc.

We are also compiling a 'Catalogue of Catalogues' for the major types of material in collections worldwide. Your suggestions for this category are particularly welcome, since many of these publications are not widely available. Donations of such publications to the Beazley Archive's Library would be received with gratitude and made available to students and scholars.

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The Reception of Classical Art

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