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You have searched for Dionysiac procession. The god reclines on a low cart holding cup and jug, accompanied by satyrs; below it a reclining satyr with a jug and a lion. Beyond, a round temple and two trees. In front of the god a maenad with castanet, an Eros above her; a satyr drinking wine from a wineskin held by a Pan; a satyr with a bowl; a Pan pours into a bowl held by a satyr, over a collapsed satyr; to the right a satyr with a jug on his head, a maenad with a basket, Silenos holding a cup, supported by a satyr. At the right a satyr with double pipes, maenad with jug, a maenad with cymbals, and two small figures, one with pipe, the other with rattle (?), riding one of the oxen drawing the cart; at the edge a man and woman. 33 figures in all.. There is 1 result.

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