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Casts showing persephone

Cast No. D043
Demeter stands at the left, holding a sceptre. She gives corn (added in bronze or gold) to the young Triptolemos, who will teach mankind the art of agriculture. Persephone stands at the right, holding a torch.
Cast No. B120
Female head, possibly Persephone.
Cast No. A043
Girl running.
Cast No. D086
At the top are Acheloos (a river-god), Hermes, three nymphs, and Pan. Below, a hero leading a horse approaches Demeter and Persephone.
Cast No. D048
Demeter and Persephone.
Cast No. C193
Woman or goddess, possibly Persephone.
Cast No. D085
Kybele sits at the left with a lion at her side. She holds a drum and phiale. Persephone, holding a torch, stands in front of her. At the right is a youth (possibly Hermes); most of this figure is now missing.
Cast No. C194
Female statuette (Persephone?)

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