Dr Wannaporn Kay Rienjang

Project Consultant, Gandhara Connections Project

Kay Rienjang

Wannaporn Kay Rienjang completed her PhD thesis at the Division of Archaeology, University of Cambridge. Her PhD topic ‘Relic Cult Practices in Afghanistan with comparison to Dharmarajika Pakistan’ investigates the formation and transformation of the cult of Buddhist relics in the western and eastern edges of greater Gandhara. Her thesis examines stupa deposits from Kabul and Jalalabad regions in Afghanistan and Taxila in Pakistan. Her interest encompasses the archaeology, art history and material culture studies of Gandhara, particularly the aspects on manufacturing techniques, religious significance and connections between Gandhara with the Greco-Roman world, as well as with Central, South and East Asia.

Email: wannaporn.rienjang@classics.ox.ac.uk



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