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A Manual of Precious Stones and Antique Gems (1874)  
Aldborough, North Yorkshire  
Alton, Hampshire  
Amastini Impressions  
American Numismatic Society  
Ashmolean Museum, Oxford  
A. Billing, The Science of Gems, Jewels, Coins and Medals (1875)  
A. Pash and Sons of Mayfair, London, Market  
Baltimore, Walters Art Museum  
Bari, Museo Archeologico  
Bath, Holburne Museum  
Beazley Archive Negative  
Belgium, Gauthier Blanlu  
Belvoir Castle  
Bern, Kunstmuseum. Merz Collection  
Bernardo Antichita, Florence, Italy, Market  
Bibliotheque nationale de France  
Blenheim Palace  
Boardman, J., Scarisbrick, D., Wagner C., Zwierlein-Diehl, E: The Marlborough Gems (2009)  
Bonhams, London, Market  
Boston, Museum of Fine Arts  
Bowes Museum  
British Museum  
British Museum, London  
Burnham, S.M.: Precious Stones in Nature, Art and Literature (1886)  
Cades, Impronti  
Calandrelli drawing, Antikensammlung Berlin  
Cambridge, Fitzwilliam Museum  
Cambridge, Fitzwilliam Museum  
Catalogue des pierres graves antiques de S.A. le Prince Stanislas Poniatowski  
Catalogue of A Rare Collection of Antique and Medieval Gems, (...) for the Charity Organization Society (...) of NY; Tiffany, 10.-16.3.1902  
Charles Scarisbrick, Esq.  
Charles-Philippe Campion de Tersan (abb, 1736-1819)  
Chicago, Institute of Art  
Christie's, London, Market  
Christie's, NY  
Cologne, Rmisch-Germanisches Museum  
Com. Moszynski  
Cook, A.B.: Zeus a Study in Ancient Religion (1925)  
Cracow National Museum  
Crosby Warren, Lincolnshire  
current collection unknown  
Daktyliothek Poniatowski 1832, Antikensammlung Berlin  
Di Castro  
Doyle auctioneers, New York  
Dr. Julius And Dena K. Tarshis  
Duke of Marlborough  
Dupuis Auction  
D.Berges, Hoechste Schoenheit und einfache Grazie (2011)  
Ebay, Internet market  
Eccles, Kent  
Forrer, L.: Biographical dictionary of medallists (1909)  
French Royal Collection  
from estate of Fanny B. Holmes; Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes  
Furtwaengler, A.: Die antiken Gemmen (1900)  
Gems of the Ancient World. Galerie Nefer  
Geneva, Muse dart et dhistoire  
Germany, Sinzig  
Gill, D.W.J.: Antiquities of the Grand Tour of Italy (1990)  
Gori, Mus. Flor.  
Great Casterton  
Guide to the Antiquities of Roman Britain  
G. Webster  
Hadrien Rambach, London  
Henig, M., et al.: Classical gems : ancient and modern intaglios and cameos in the Fitzwilliam Museum, Cambridge (1994)  
Henry Walters  
Hertz, B.: A catalogue of the collection of pearls and precious stones formed by Henry Hope, esq  
High Rochester  
Isurium Bricanium  
Isurium Bricantum  
Isurium Brigantum  
Japan, Albion Art  
Jean-Charles Seguin  
John Watkins Brett  
Juergen Abeler, Wuppertal  
J. Boardman, Archaic Greek Gems (London, 1968)  
J. Boardman, Greek Gems and Finger Rings (London, 2001)  
J. Boardman, Island Gems (1964)  
J. Boardman, 'Pyramidal Stamp Seals in the Persian Empire', Iran 8 (1970), 19-44  
J. Rudoe, in M. Jones (ed.) Fake? (1990)  
J. Rudoe, 'The faking of gems in the eighteenth century' in: Why Fakes Matter (1992)  
J.Boardman, 'Archaic Finger Rings' Antike Kunst 10 (1967)  
J.Boardman, Engraved Gems in the Ionides Collection, 1968  
J.Boardman, with D.Scarisbrick, C.Wagner, E.Zwierlein-Diehl: The Marlborough Gems. Formerly at Blenheim Palace (2009)  
J.D. Beazley and J. Boardman, The Lewes House Gems (1920, 2003)  
Karlsruhe, Badisches Landesmuseum  
King of France  
King, C.W.: Antique gems : their origin, uses, and value as interpreters of ancient history; and as illustrative of ancient art : with hints to gem collectors (1860)  
Kirmington, Lincolnshire  
Konstantinos Karapanos  
Labarbe Auction  
Leiden, Rijksmuseum van Oudheden  
Lippert, Ph. D., Dactyliothecae universalis signorum chilias sive scrinium milliarum primum (1755)  
Lippold, G.: Gemmen und Kameen des Altertums und der Neuzeit (1922)  
Lisbon, Gulbenkian Museum  
Liverpool National Museums  
London market, M. Longmore  
London, British Museum  
London, Cameo Corner (E. Good - later M.Oved)  
London, Derek J. Content  
London, Market  
London, Martin Norton estate  
London, The Wellington Gems; Phillips 1977  
London, Victoria and Albert Museum  
Lord Monson  
Los Angeles (Ca.), Chavdar Chushev  
L. Natter, Catalogue des pierres graves, tant en relief qu'en creux de Mylord Comte de Bessborough (London 1761)  
L. Pirzio Biroli Stefanelli, Incisori in pietra dura a Piazza di Spagna (2009)  
Malibu, J. Paul Getty Museum  
Mariette, P.J.: Traite des pierres gravees (1750)  
Market, Istanbul  
Market, Joseph Brummer  
Market, Salisbury, Woolley and Wallis  
Market, Toronto, Dupuis  
Marquis of Breadalbane  
McGill University  
Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York  
Metropolitan Museum, New York (NY)  
Montfaucon, B.: Antiquitas explanatione et schematibus illustrata  
Mr. Phillips, Auction Offices, 73 New Bond Street, London  
Munich, Staatliche Muenzsammlung  
Museum of Fine Arts, Boston  
Museum of Fine Arts, Utah  
M. Henig, Britain  
New York, Market  
New York, Market, Sothebey's  
New York, Metropolitan Museum of Art  
New York, Private Collection  
Nicholls, R., The Wellcome Gems, A Fitzwilliam Catalogue (1983)  
Numismatic Museum, Athens  
Owmby, Lincolnshire  
Oxford, Ashmolean Museum  
Paris, Cabinet des medailles  
Paris, Cabinet des medailles, Bibliotheque nationale de France  
Paris, Guy Ladriere  
Pirzio Biroli Stefanelli, L.: La collezione Paoletti. Stampi in vetro per impronte di intagli e cammei vol.II (2013)  
Pitt Rivers  
Platz-Horster, Calandrelli  
Platz-Horster,G.: L'antica maniera. Zeichnungen und Gemmen des Giovanni Calandrelli in der Antikensammlung Berlin (2005)  
Prendeville, J.: Explanatory catalogue of the proof-impressions of the antique gems possessed by the late Prince Poniatowski and now in the possession of John Tyrrell, Esq. (1841)  
Princ. Reg. Elect. Sax.  
Private Collection  
Private Collection  
Private Collection (Sara Crisp)  
Private Collection, Lausanne  
Private, Collection unknown  
Private, Daum, Werner  
Private, Oxford  
Prof. Klaus Mueller, Bonn  
Raphael Esmerian  
Ravenglass, Cumberland  
Richter, G.M.A.: Catalogue of Engraved Gems of the Classical Style (1920)  
Richter, G.M.A.: Engraved Gems of the Romans (1971)  
Ripley, North Yorkshire  
Robertson Davies (1913-1995)  
Rowan and Rowan, London Market  
R.Napier, Catalogue of the works of art forming the collection of Robert Napier (1865)  
Sadie Jones (Mrs. Henry Walters)  
Salisbury & South Wiltshire Museum  
Samuel Sharp  
Sarasota, Florida,The John and Mable Ringling Museum of Art  
Sir Henry Solomon Wellcome  
Sir Richard Worsley (17511805)  
Sotheby's, London  
Sotheby's, London, Market  
South India, Pattanam  
South Shields  
Stanstead, Essex  
S.J. Phillips, London, Market  
Tait, H., ed.: The art of the jeweller: a catalogue of the Hull Grundy gift to the British Museum- jewellery, engraved gems and goldsmiths' work (1984)  
Tassie, J.; Raspe, R.E.: A Descriptive Catalogue of a General Collection of Ancient and Modern Engraved Gems,... (1791)  
Tees, Eunice A.: The Ancient and Classicising Finger-Rings and Gems: La Collection Des Antiquities Greco-Romaines De L'Universite McGill (1993)  
The J. Paul Getty Museum  
Thyssen-Bornemisza Collection  
Tiffany & Co.  
University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology, Philadelphia PA  
Unpublished Tassie  
USA, Bolton, Market, Skinner, Inc.  
Utrecht, Geldmuseum  
Victoria and Albert Museum, London  
Wagner, C.; Boardman, J.: A Collection of Classical and Eastern Intaglios, Rings and Cameos (2003)  
Walters Art Gallery, Baltimore  
Walters Art Museum, Baltimore  
Weber, I.S.: Geschnittene Steine des 18. bis 20. Jahrhunderts (1995)  
Werner und Gisela Daum  
Wickford, Essex  
Wimborne, Dorset  
Wiveliscombe, Somerset  
Woolley and Wallis  
W. Chaffers: Catalogue of the Holburne of Menstrie Art Museum Bath (1887)  
Zazoff, P.; Schlueter, M.; Platz-Horster, G.: Antike Gemmen in Deutschen Sammlungen, vol. 4. Hannover (1975)  

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